How are fees calculated?
Fees are generally set based on the total numbers of accounts and transactions per month (with a small consideration of size and gross revenues of your business).
Where are staff located?
All of our professionals are located in the US.  We do not offshore.

How do clients provide documentation to LWI?
Capital Accounting provides a secure and convenient client portal for digital uploading of all necessary files.

Do you work with other accounting software besides QuickBooks?
For our fixed-fee accounting services, we work with Quickbooks Online and Xero.

Do you accept credit cards for payment of services?
Yes. We invoice twice monthly accepting ACH, checks and/or credit cards.
What industries do you provide fixed fee accounting services for?
While we specialize in fixed-fee bookkeeping for restaurants, we work with a wide variety of other small businesses on an hourly consulting basis.  Call for a free consultation – 866-496-2042.


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